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     In a school art lesson, many years ago  the teacher announced that we had managed to exhaust an entire term’s supply of painting paper a couple of weeks ahead of the holidays. She produced a thick wad of old newspapers and told us that from then until the end of term that’s what we would  have to paint on.


      At the time it was presented as more of an admonishment for being wasteful than a creative opportunity.


     Predictably some pupils, tried to obscure all of the print with white poster paint - creating  clear surface to begin their wor


     after a week or so some amazing images started to appear. Some of us tore  the paper into shreds and stuck it down again, to create William Burroughs-style, collages. Some ofus painted directly over the print, or filled in the black and white photographs with colour. `The results, although interesting, were something af a mixed bag to say the leas. But it taught me that making art doesn’t have to rely on traditional methods or traditional material.


The work in this section was created using a range of techniques, tools and surfaces. Some work better than others. Take a look and see what you think - just cloick on the image for more information. 

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