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       Encaustic Art  is an ancient painting method in which wax and pigment are fused onto a surface with heat through the use of a source, such as a heat gun or propane torch. 

      encaustic paintings have many layers of encaustic applied to the surface, one on top of the other, with each layer being separately fused in. This technique results in a depth and luminous translucency that is unique to encaustic art.

      In addition, many of the artists featured in this section use a technique of creating a layer of wax, fusing it, and then scraping or carving into the surface of the painting. During this process, various tools are utilized to manipulate and move the wax before the next layer is applied and fused once again.

      Some artists use stencils, wood blocks, or rubber stamps to make patterns in their encaustic paintings. I prefer to work in a less regimented way - using a brush, or other tool, to apply alcohol ink, powdered charcoal or graphite, and oil paint to the different layers of wax.

      I also use a range of dedicated encaustic tools, such as hot plates, encaustic irons, or other specialised instruments. Typically, I prefer to work with smaller surfaces - although some of my encaustic work is very large scale, with the media fused directly on to canvas.

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